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Howenstine Designs is a sports brand strategy and identity design studio that helps sports performance facilities fill their facility with the right athletes by creating a playbook to execute and manage their brand.

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What we Do

Positioned to Win

Business is built on the architecture, identity, and associations of the brand, brand is what implies values. Serves as the guiding light for every strategic decision a firm makes. Anyone tasked with static decision-making must be fluent in the frameworks and concepts of brand strategy.

3 Steps to Winning

Differentiate from Competition
Relevant to Customers
Sustainable - Stay on Top

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How we Do

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What to expect

Branding is like working out, you are in pain and sore from the investment but if you are disciplined and smart you will see greater results. You will become bigger, faster, and stronger than competitors, have greater returns, more attractive to customers and it gets easier. Your stronger because you invested in what is the greatest value creator over the last 50 years and that is the intangible association surrounded around a group of products and services that resided in the heart, the brand. 

Serve as a touchstone for the organization to refer to for all strategic decisions and capital allocations.

Serve as an internal guiding light helping understand the type of communications, distributions, and how you behave and allocate capital so that every man and woman is growing in the same direction, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Frameworks and models to develop the strongest brand you can by unlocking margins, market share, and stakeholder value.

Brand is Latin for margin. Improve your margin with branding creating higher perceived value.


Monthly/Quarterly Consulting

Yearly Brand Audit


Increased Market Share

Increased Margins

Easy Decision Making

Organization moving in one direction

High Quality Creative

Differentiated from Competition

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Howenstine Designs Sports Stripes
How we Do

Coaching Philosophy


Our process consists of a collaborative in-person workshop which takes your expertise and develops it into digestible information for your customers.

Brand Practitioner

We diagnose before we prescribe. As experts in the sports branding and design field, we have developed a process to uncover the real issues in your company.


Scaffolding - The process is built in a way which builds up to a final deliverable. You will sign off at each step to assure you are getting exactly what you want. No grand reveals or surprises.

More Philosophies
Howenstine Designs Sports Stripes

Shupe Rehab and Performance

Case Study


    • Cash Model is a new concept and may intimidate patients
    • Clearly explain the benefits of the process
    • Costs more upfront but saves more money in long term
    Howenstine Designs Sports Stripes

    What they say


    As a small business working to project the right image and grow my physical therapy practice, it was important that I worked with someone I felt I could trust. After our initial meeting, I felt comfortable and confident with Taylor. As a complete novice, he walked me through the entire process of building a brand, logo planning, and website construction. I left our meeting feeling energized! Taylor delivered at every level of our plan, exceeding expectations along the way. My logo turned out beautifully, encompassed my business perfectly. I get a ton of compliments on my website for its look, feel, and speed. If you’re looking for an impressive professional designer to assist in any part of building your business then I highly recommend using Howenstine Designs.
    Brad Shupe| Owner
    Shupe rehab and Performance
    We were a little iffy working with Taylor at first because we had not met him before and had never spoken to anyone about our gyms brand or image. We decided to work with him to help develop a brand image mainly for our social media presence. Taylor helped us break down the ideas and goals of our gym and our services in a great way and showed us how to present those ideas to our target market (which he also helped us discover in more detail). Taylor went beyond our expectations and also provided ideas for our website, logo, and overall theme to help with our marketing efforts. If you’re looking for guidance to grow your brand or presence I think Taylor’s services can be a great asset to a growing box.
    Nick Secscenski | Owner
    Charm City Crossfit
    "Commitment to a great product. He delivered!
    Ability to learn/understand my needs as a client in healthcare in which he had no previous reference point. Ability to design, communicate, edit, change and end with an exceptional product, while always being professional, friendly and committed.”
    Molly Daugherty | Founder
    Howenstine Design Sport Stripes

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