Game Plan

Their game plan is based around three basic game plan philosophies: Teamwork, Fundamentals, and Brand Practitioner. Together (teamwork) they create the fundamentals (Brand Attributes, User Needs, Goals and more) of your brand and then prescribe a solution to your goals that match your brand and users' needs.

Every engagement starts with a discovery/strategy phase that defines every aspect of your brand. This is done so we are prepared to create solutions that deliver real results.

The Process | Phase 1

Try outs

First, we meet and interview to see if we are a good fit. Our process and services aren't for everyone. As a small agency, we are only allowed a few new clients each year so it's crucial to make sure we match up.

The Process | Phase 2

Discovery Phase

Live in-person facilitated workshop to discover your brand fundamentals
Brand AttributesDefine all 6 touch points of your brand, create a mission & vision statement, and core values
User ProfilesWe define your target market, customer journey, and define their needs/wants
GoalsRevenue Goals, Efficiency Goals, Awareness Goals

The Process | Phase 2

Discovery Brief

This is the brand breakdown from what we discover during the workshop. We clean up the info from the live session so you can share what we uncovered with employees and vendors.

We develop a position statement, brand messaging, playbook to meet your goals, a clear foundation of your brand

The Process | Phase 2

Research Phase

We find commonality in the words from the discovery phase and narrow it down to a few words that define your brand. We take those words and find images that represents the look and feel of those words. You will sign off before moving forward to assure we are on the right path.

The Process | Phase 2


At the end of this process we will create 2-3 stylescapes that will give you a complete overview of the brand's look, feel, and messaging. This is a way for you to see the brand at all touch points.

The Process | Phase 3

Actionable Deliverables

After the discover phase we take your defined brand, what your user considers a win or lose, and create the next step based off your goals and needs. We give you the playbook to maximize your time and money.

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