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Howenstine designs sports branding Blog

This blog seeks to discuss sports branding and design. It will be primarily composed of taking sport concepts, ideologies, and strategies and connecting them to business.

Why Defining Your Ideal Customer Matters

Why it’s so important to have a firm grasp on the target audience?. What are the benefits of having a clear target market? Why is it important to know who you don’t want to target? Want the playbook/workbook that can be used to better understand and identify customer needs/wants/motivations? 


How Your Brand Can Run a Better 40 Yard Dash

Running a 40 yard dash and branding your business have more in common than you think. With the NFL combine going on, I was thinking about how the fundamentals of branding and how similar it is to the fundamentals of running a 40-yard dash.


The LA Rams New Logo & Why it Doesn't Matter if You Like it or Not

The LA Rams revealed their new logo and it wasn't received very well but it doesn't matter. They will still sell lots of tickets even if they have an ugly logo because your logo is just a tiny part of the business.


Pitch Tipping in Business

We compare and explain the benefits of how pitch tipping in baseball is related to building a competitive brand. The concept of why teams have focused on pitch tipping and how it is similar to some of the strategies we use in the market to get a competitive edge.