How Your Brand Can Run a Better 40 Yard Dash

Running a 40 yard dash and branding your business have more in common than you think. With the NFL combine going on, I was thinking about how the fundamentals of branding and how similar it is to the fundamentals of running a 40-yard dash.

April 10, 2021

Ready, Set, Go!

First, I will break down the basics of a 40-yard dash and then compare it to starting a brand. Most trainers will break it down into 3 basic stages; stance, drive and transition. Thanks toMichael Johnsons Youtube videos on how to run the 40 yard dash I can compare the two. 

Stage 1 | The Stance

This is the most importan tpart of getting your top time and getting a bigger contract! The athlete needst o be in the best position to have the most explosive start. They do that by proper body positioning when getting into their stance. Good foot placement,good hand placement, and body weight forward which may not be the most comfortable but it will put you in the best position possible. These three things will create good shine angle and allow momentum for max force into the next stage. The key is not to waste time and energy getting into the stance but it's crucial to have a correct where everything is position and aligned for most explosive start possible.


Stage 1 | Branding Stance

When it comes to branding the start is also the most important part. Before you ever launch your brand you should have a great strategy to maximize your outcomes. Your brand needs have a good foundation to drive off that allows you to get the most traction in the market from the start and through the next stage. Brands are built from greatstances metaphorically and literally. Metaphorically is your stance in what you believe in, your core values, and your why. This helps hire employees and attracts your ideal clients who believe what you believe. Literally, it is aligning your company in a market for maximum force when your start to build your brand. Like the 40 stance its key to not waste time and energy perfecting your business because it will change but you should take the time to properly align and position your brand with your ideal users.

Key Comparison of Stage 1

Shine Angle = Good strategy, a good strategy from the start will give you the best chance for the most explosive start

Body Position = positioned in the market, proper positioning in the market is key to being able to win more/bigger "contracts"

Don't waste time starting

Stage 2 | Drive Phase

After they are properly positions and aligned they are ready for the drive stage. The drive stage is the first 10 to 15 yards out of the stance. The athlete is not running at this point but they are driving into the ground with max force to build up to topspeed. They’re staying low with their head down and keeping their body alignment and momentum forward to create that maximum drive force we are talking about.The key to this is their zero step, which is the first step out of their stance. They need to keep there drive leg in the ground while taking advantage of your angle and position from your stance. They need big arms, meaning they fire them forward to generate max momentum forward. They need to keep proper alignment during this whole process, you should be able to draw a straight linef rom their head to their feet as shown in the image because that is how they will generate max force into the ground.

Stage 2 | Branding Drive Phase 

Your look, feel, voice,messaging core values and goals are all aligned and your foundation/ground is solid and you are ready for that explosive brand launch. When first starting yourbrand or your brands zero step it’s all about generating as much awareness as possible to gain traction in the market. The stance and start takes the most time and a lot of patience and discipline but pays off in the end. You need tot rust the strategy and use that momentum to drive your brand for the first 10to 15 yards by keeping low and making sure you are building your brand up so its ready to transition into max speed/take on bigger/more clients. I see this part as building up your case studies, trust and reputation.

Key Comparison of Stage 2

Not Running = Building the brand up

Ground = Brand Cove values and belief’s

Zero Step = Brand Launch

Big Arms = Marketing your brand and reaching out to clients

Body Alignment = Keeping your brand aligned with idea clients needs and not getting distracted.


Stage 3 | Transition Phase

The athlete is at the 10 to15 yards mark and have used every bit of they’re momentum and alignment and have reached top speed. They need to transition into the final phase where they finish. This biggest problem with phase is athletes don't stay patience with the drive phase and they shout up right away into the transition before they reach top speed and create a parachute effect. The eyes are key in keeping them patience throughout the process, they need to gradually bring their eyes up and sprint through the last 20 to 25 yards. The eyes will control the rest of your body meaning if there eyes come up the head comes up then the body comes up. Your eyes can create another problem at the finish line because athletes will seethe finish line and then slow down before they cross it. Just because they seethe finish line doesn't mean they have crossed the line so they need to run through the finish line before they start to slow down.


Branding Transition Phase

Your brand has taken its strategy (stance phase) and used that momentum into gaining max traction in the market (Drive Phase) and is now into the transition phase. Now your ready to go full speed into completing your goals and getting that big contract. All you need to do now is finish. Don't slow down before you reach your goals by taking your eyes off of what’s most important. Running through the finish line in branding is like ever exceeding your client’s expectation; those extra steps and energy will be worth it in the end. Don't make the mistake of coming up out of the drive phase to soon and start running before you are ready. Business will tryt o scale or grow their business before they have built a solid brand that can handle bad reviews or bad customer experiences This happens because you haven’t built the brands foundation and processes to transfer it into the next productor location and you can create bad experiences and that will parachute yourbrand more than anything.

Key Comparison of Stage 3

Parachute Effect = Grow brand to fast and create bad experience.

Eyes up  = Stayfocus on your goals

Finish Line = Goals


Run Repeat Run...

When you’re finished what do you do next, well you get back on the line and run again. Set the new goals,align and position your self for max success to reach that goal and take off into each stage improving the process each time.


That is why we have set up a process that mimics these three phases. We start every project with a discovery/stance phase that aligns your brand attributes with your users needs,and goals so we can position you in the market to win. Once aligned and positioned we begin the drive phase where we build the brand step by step so it ready to reach its goals. Since we use the philosophy of teamwork and collaboration throughout the whole process you can transition into running your brand full speed without wasting any time or extra energy getting to your goals.


If you want to improve your brands  40 yards dash then give us a call.