Case Study

Neon Fitness

Fitness Brand Identity


As a personal training start-up, Neon Fitness needed to define their brand and position themselves in a competitive market for success. They wanted to provide custom workout programs that are personalized for that specific person and their needs. It was important for them to create a cost-effective solution to expensive one-on-one training sessions while also keeping the personable aspect of one-on-one personal training.


Identity Design

Brand Messaging




Branding Guidelines


  • Set a clear brand foundation
  • Find a gap in the crowded fitness market
  • Define their target market



    • We defined their brand, ideal clients, and goals through an in-person discovery phase
    • Uncovered the look & feel
    • Defined what a win or loss is for the ideal clients
    • Created an identity design that fits the brand 
    • Positioned them in a market where they will be able to own the majority of the market

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      Strategy Phase

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      Discovery Phase

      We discovered that Neon Fitness wanted to help all sorts of people become healthier at an affordable price. They wanted to provide personal training for people with busy schedules who can't make it to the gym everyday. They wanted to be able to provide a tried and proven workout program while being able to keep it affordable. They wanted to provide coaching virtually through video messaging while also creating personalized programs based off their specific goals, needs, and skill level. Through that, we created a brand based off the idea of being virtually personable.

      Look & Feel

      1. Personalized
      2. Educated
      3. Understanding

      Tone & Voice

      1. Virtual
      2. Vibrant
      3. Accomplished
      4. Flexible
      5. Proud

      Brand Pillars



      Virtually Personable

      Positioning Statement

      After the discovery phase and mood boards we had the pieces to create messaging that fits the users’ needs. Neon Fitness wanted to be affordable, yet personable, like a one-on-one personal trainer. To keep costs low, we formulated the idea of providing virtual training to limit on-site hours. This also created solutions for the user needs that we found during the user profile phase. The obstacle faced by most users was the need for flexible coaching and workouts that were compatible with their busy schedules. With the Information we uncovered from this process we were able to create a tagline that fit the brand perfectly.

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