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Logo Design
Cover Design
Layout Design
Shirt Design


  • Create excitement for the weekly high school football newspaper in northeast Indiana. Create a cover and center piece related to that weeks match-up or headline that will engage the students.
  • Created a logo for their 20th anniversary that can be used in place of old logo on the newspaper and printed merchandise while being cost effective.


Create a compelling graphic that fits the weekly headline and adds excitement to the publication on a tight deadline


    • By studying current trends in sports design we create graphics that will be engaging to the fans and students who read this while also creating a look and feel that represent the headline.
    • Created a logo that can be printed in one or two colors to minimize screen printing cost
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      Look & Feel

      Tone & Voice

      Brand Pillars


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      "While his talent is unquestioned, his reliability, promptness and professionalism are equally on par. He has always met every deadline (usually with a day or two to spare), providing the perfect punctuation to whatever prose accompanied the piece. On the few occasions where there needed to be slight modifications, Taylor was always quick to make them and resubmit without any issues. GameNight Magazine, as a result, has been greatly enhanced by his contributions..."

      Casey O'Boyle | Chief Editor & Owner‍
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