Case Study

Shupe Rehab and Performance

Brand Strategy and Development


Shupe Rehab & Performance (Shupe R&P) was created to meet athletes’ orthopedic and sports performance needs. Owner and founder, Brad Shupe, is committed to help athletes reach their fullest potential, by equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to stay focused and meet their goals. Shupe’s commitment is evident by his service and personalized, one-on-one care that gets athletes results faster.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Brand Positioning
Web Design & Development


  • Explain benefits of business model (cash)
  • Explain benefits of personalized one-on-one care
  • Show how Shupe will give you the tools and knowledge to stay healthy
  • Highlight what makes Brad the “Go To Guy” for athletes
  • Highlight what makes him different from everyone else


  • Cash Model is a new concept and may intimidate patients
  • Clearly explain the benefits of the process
  • Costs more upfront but saves more money in long term


    • Positioned Shupe as an expert for athletes
    • Show how Shupe gets results to ease concerns with his business model and the high cost up front
    • Highlight features that make Shupe different than competition, (Facility, Equipment, and Experience with athletes)
    • Show images of personalized one-on-one care
    • Testimonials/Reviews and case studies that reassures hes and expert
    • Transparent and upfront with pricing, process and services so no one is blindsided
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      Strategy Phase


      Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had several “in-person,” live Zoom calls where we facilitated workshops and exercises with Brad in order to:

      • Develop his brand
      • Define his users—their goals, their needs, and their patient journey
      • Define Business Goals—Revenue, Awareness, and Efficiency

      With this information, we created the Shupe Rehab & Performance brand, highlighting the organization’s:

      • Brand identity
      • Brand messaging
      • User profiles and journeys
      • Market position and competitive audits
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      Research Phase

      During our strategy phase, our goal was to uncover and develop a strong and core brand foundation that will guide Brad’s decisions. With Shupe, we uncovered that his business model is disrupting the status quo of the physical therapy. For Shupe to succeed, we encouraged trust by emphasizing his experience and knowledge. We also positioned Brad as an expert working closely with athletes and cross-fitters in order to ease the feelings of risk for patients by opting for a cash model.

      Creative Direction

      After analyzing our data, we decided on:

      Look & Feel

      1. Movement
      2. Flexibility
      3. Speed

      Tone & Voice

      1. Trust
      2. Personalized Care
      3. Empowering the patient

      Brand Pillars



      Go To Shupe

      Positioning Statement

      For athletes looking to become pain free, Shupe Rehab & Performance is an orthopedic services clinic that delivers one-to-one personalized care with fast recoveries in a fully equipped facility so that athletes can get back to reaching their goals because the best healthcare option should be available to everyone.

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