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Indiana Elite Hockey

Team Brand Strategy and Identity Design


I was approached to create an identity for a new youth travel hockey team, Elite. The team needed a brand that was cool and retained top hockey talent in Indiana from going with more established and competitive travel teams out-of-state.


Team Identity Designs
Brand Attributes
Team Logo
Jersey Designs
Helmet Design


  • Create an identity that would attract and retain Indiana's top youth hockey talent
  • Display Hoosier pride and showcase some of Indiana’s history


  • Prevent top players from leaving to play for out-of state teams
  • Design a brand that is trendy and modern enough to entice local talent, helping develop the travel program


    • Innovative logo placement.
    • Marketable, new logo used to promote Elite 
    • Enticing jersey design to attract top talent to tryouts
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      Look & Feel

      Tone & Voice

      Brand Pillars


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