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North Side Legends

Re-Brand Logo Concept


The school redesign project started when my former high school, Northside High School, made the decision to retire their previous mascot “Redskins” due to the controversy surrounding the use of America’s indigenous people and cultures as mascots. After votes were casted for four different mascots, the “Northside Legends” took the win, giving Northside High a new direction. Our design draws from my former high school’s direction: a phoenix-style mascot, a mystical and legendary creature. We made their concept of a phoenix our own with the goal to create a bird engulfed and by fire.


School Sports Identity System

Football Jersey Mockup

Football Gloves

Football Helmet

Baseball Jersey Mockup

Basketball Jersey Mockup

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Make a bird engulfed by fire the focus

Emphasize a “mystical creature”

Provide a flexible identity system



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      Look & Feel

      Tone & Voice

      Brand Pillars


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